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General information about Sabadell
The municipality of Sabadell has a total area of 37.87 km2 and a population of 208,246 on the 1st of January, 2016.

The highest part of the city, to the northwest is 310 meters above sea level while the lowest part, in the south east is 131 meters above sea level.
Local celebrations

Aplec de la Salut,
the Monday following the second Sunday in May.

Festa Major,
from the first Friday in September to the following Monday.
How to get to Sabadell
By train

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
There are two stations in Sabadell: Can Feu-Grācia and Sabadell Plaįa Major, on line S2 of the Vallčs Metro.

Sabadell has three Renfe stations: Sabadell Sud, Sabadell Centre and Sabadell Nord, on the Renfe suburban line R4.
By bus
Sabadell is connected to the inter-city lines from Barcelona and with 14 towns in the area.

Sabadell Bus Station (Estaciķ d'autobusos de Sabadell)
C. de l'Estaciķ, 67 ˇ Tel. 93 727 92 92
By private transport

Sabadell is situated 20 kilometers from Barcelona, 95 from Girona, 105 from Tarragona and 170 from Lleida.
You get to the city on the C-58 motorway: there are two exits, Sabadell Sud and Sabadell Centre.
From the Sabadell Centre exit you can also get to the north entrance to Sabadell.
By plane

Sabadell Airportˇ Ctra. de Bellaterra s/n ˇ Tel. 93 728 21 00
Air taxi and helicopter services. Private and business flights.
How to get around in Sabadell
By public transport

Sabadell Town Buses (TUS) 13 lines connecting the whole of the city.
Information centre: c. de la Borriana, 33 ˇ Tel. 93 727 00 90
By bicycle

Sabadell has 44 kilometers of urban bicycle lanes and 56 kilometers of bicycle lanes on the city outskirts.
Sabadell Tourist Information
Sabadell Atenciķ Ciutadana
Despatx Lluch.
C. de la Indústria, 10

Schedule of attention to the public:
Tuesday and Thursday: 8.30 - 19 h.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8.30 - 15 h.
Summer, Christmas and Easter: 8.30 - 15 h.

Department Comerį, Consum i Turisme
Tel. 93 745 31 66
A/e: turisme@ajsabadell.cat